Sustainable & responsible

Our goal is to offer our customers a powerful combination of high performance and a long-term strategy of growth. In doing so, we exercise due care regarding the safety of people and products. And of course, we do everything in our power to ensure sustainable operation in order not to burden future generations. In addition we strive for offering sustainable solutions that help our customers to better meet their own sustainability objectives.

The topic of sustainability is of increasingly importance, particularly from a consumer point of view. So in addition to topics like decrease of energy consumption or reduction of waste and water in production, the raw materials used are receiving more and more attention. The challenge here is to offer individual solutions and at the same time to guarantee the sensory and functional properties at the highest quality level. An example how CAPOL is responding to this requirement is our green glazing product range offering certified sustainable (RSPO) palm-oil product versions.

In addition we work on the development of alternative solutions for raw materials being common for confectionary conditioning today, e.g. through the usage of sunflower oils. And within our longer-term innovation strategy we also consider the replacement of certain animal raw materials i.e. shellac.

Our mother company, the Freudenberg Group, has put many dedicated programs and initiatives in place, to cope with our entrepreneurial and societal responsibility and to comply with greater sustainability objectives. These objectives and the resulting obligations also apply to us. Respective information can be found here:

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