Polishing agents

CAPOL® polishing agents give hard and soft sugar dragées an attractive glossy appearance. Our polishing agents add brilliance to vermicelli, candy beans or jelly beans and bring out the vibrancy of the colors.

Polishing agents

Lusciously shining surfaces and colors

Hard and soft sugar dragées look perfectly polished, bright and colorful after application of CAPOL® polishing agents. The dragées are also more resistant to environmental influences such as fluctuations in humidity and temperature after treatment.

Our product portfolio includes micronized waxes, pastes and liquid wax dispersions. This means that we can offer the perfect solution for every production set-up  and meet custom requirements for the end product. It goes without saying that we also offer organic powder waxes. We can also supply specific CAPOL® polishing agents for the manufacture of confectionery that complies with kosher or halal dietary requirements. 

Whether you produce hard or soft sugar goods, we know that the manufacture of complete sugar dragées has its own specific requirements. Our application technicians know how to meet these special needs in order to achieve a perfect glaze result with the right product and specific know-how. Our products visually enhance sugar-coated chocolates and jelly beans with the perfect shine and make the colors of your confectionery really stand out. They also improve flowability of the goods for the packaging process.   

In challenging climatic conditions such as high humidity, high temperatures or major fluctuations of both these parameters, CAPOL® sealing agents ensure stability and protection for your hard or soft sugar dragées.