Your application expert in confectionery surface treatment

CAPOL is a world-leading manufacturer for surface treatment products in the confectionery industry. We are your application expert for glazing, sealing and anti-sticking agents for sweets. Because you want to trust a partner who understands your manufacturing processes and specific challenges.

Founded in 1975, today CAPOL plays a leading role for coatings in the confectionery industry. From glazing, anti-sticking, sealing and precoating agents through coated acids to machine release agents, the company provides highly innovative and efficient solutions for the finishing of confectionery, based on proven formulations and in-depth process know-how. With its patented VIVAPIGMENTS® technology, CAPOL can offer added value in the form of natural color solutions that meet the specific challenges of its confectionery clients’ applications. Brand names like CAPOL®, CAPOLAN®, CAPOLEX® and FIX GUM® have made a worldwide name for themselves in the industry, for everything from sugar dragées and chocolate to gum products.