Natural Colors

The world of confectionery is colorful. Bright and vibrant hues make every piece of candy a special delight, for the palate and the eyes. Our natural colors provide a high coloring performance while offering opportunities for a clean label.

Natural Colors

Colors from natural sources

Consumer demand for cleaner food labels without artificial ingredients increases. When it comes to confectionery, they like to know that the bright color in their favorite candy is derived from a natural source. Changing from synthetic colors to natural colors in a recipe or finding vibrant natural hues for confectionery products can be a challenge. From our longstanding expertise in the confectionery industry, CAPOL has developed solutions designed to meet the specific needs of confectionery manufacturers.

Natural colors with lake-like properties

Our innovative VIVAPIGMENTS® natural pigments offer vibrant colors and high stability for a wide array of applications. Based on a patented encapsulation technology they achieve extraordinary results in food and beverage products. Natural like an extract. Functional like a pigment.

Discover VIVAPIGMENTS® for your confectionery products.

Natural opacifying and whitening agents

VIVAPIGMENTS® White is your natural titanium dioxide alternative in confectionery. Leverage natural efficient whitening in your hard sugar panning process through high-performing natural pigments.


  • Excellent whitening effect
  • Easy to use in the panning process
  • Superior opacity allows efficient dosage