We boost our customers’ performance with groundbreaking solutions. We do this on the basis of decades of experience in the confectionery industry.


Market-leading solutions

The global confectionery market is constantly evolving. New trends and changes in consumer demands need flexible and innovative solutions. We help our customers not only track developments, but also play an active role in shaping them. Rooted in our decades of past experience, we keep our focus firmly fixed on the future.

And we aim to continue improving, in order to create added value for our customers and for confectionery consumers. Three innovation platforms define our commitment to providing market-leading solutions for the industry. New products and services are oriented to at least one of the platforms and deliver enhanced efficiency, performance and/or ingredients.

Demonstrated innovation capability

The story of CAPOL is a story of innovations, starting with the first ready-to-use glazing agent, which marked the founding of the company. We have already demonstrated our skill at innovation in our development work, and in numerous customer projects. Over the last few decades, we have continually developed innovations for the confectionery market that create added value not only for our customers, but also for private end consumers.

Anti-sticking with sunflower power

We have developed a CAPOL® anti-sticking agent based on sunflower oil, which provides an alternative to classic anti-sticking agents based on MCT oil. A specially tailor-made antioxidation system guarantees lasting stability and impressive sensory appeal while retaining anti-sticking and gloss properties.

Low VOC chocolate glazing

In traditional polishing agents for sugar dragées, the gloss-producing components are dissolved in a ready-to-use solution with the aid of solvents such as alcohol. These volatile organic compounds (VOC) evaporate during the polishing process, so that no residue remains on the end product. To minimize pollution in the ambient air and the need for special protected areas in the production environment, CAPOL has developed a polishing agent that works without solvents.

Performance Plus for CAPOL® chocolate glazing agents

With our Performance Plus range, we have launched a chocolate glazing agent onto the market that not only delivers outstanding glaze results, but also does so using smaller doses than traditional glazing agents. A rapid drying process saves time in the production process.