Precoating agents

The FIX GUM® system is our solution for inclusions with a high moisture or oil content. It is applied to the inclusions as a pre-treatment before panning and prevents migration of fats or oils and moisture between the center and the surface of the dragée.

Precoating agents

Well prepared

The CAPOL precoating agents in the FIXGUM® range put an end to defects caused by fat bloom or sugar bloom. They act as a moisture and fat barrier, preventing vegetable fats from nuts or residual moisture from raisins or fruit pieces from penetrating to the surface of the dragée. They also prevent the inclusions from drying out and provide lasting protection for the dragée’s surface glaze.

Our FIX GUM® solution works as a system: Firstly, a liquid solution is applied to the inclusions to moisten their surface. Then they are powdered with a powder product from the FIX GUM® range. Our precoating agents are ready to use, easy to apply, and have impressively short drying times, so that the inclusions can be rapidly ready for further processing. They can be applied in conventionally designed dragée pans or panning machines.

Pre-treatment with precoating agents allows more even panning, particularly of sticky and irregularly shaped inclusions, such as dried fruit or gum products. Precoating with FIX GUM® smooths the surface so that the panned layer sticks better to the center, and largely prevents clumps from forming when panning with sugar or chocolate. Our FIX GUM® system also makes flexible inclusions more stable.

Need a precoating agent for manufacturing sugar-free confectionery? We also offer solutions suitable for your sugar-free products or diabetic confectionery.