Glazing agents

CAPOL® glazing agents create a brilliant gloss on chocolate dragées and have a crucial influence on how the flavor is first experienced in the mouth. They improve the dragées’ resistance to fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

Glazing agents

Brilliant results

With our large portfolio of CAPOL® glazing agents, we offer made-to-measure solutions that meet our customers’ individual needs with regard to dietary requirements and food labeling. We offer glazing agents that meet the requirements for sugar-free, vegan, vegetarian, kosher or halal certified foodstuffs. Organic BIO or NOP certified glazing agents are also available.

CAPOL® glazing agents can be used to glaze chocolate dragées covered with white, milk or dark chocolate as well as compound dragées. The types of inclusions for dragées with chocolate or compound coatings are also highly diverse. The shapes and sizes vary, from chocolate-coated fruit and nuts to cookies, gums and licorice. The quantity of the glazing agent and how it is used depend among other things on the size, shape and surface properties of the inclusion and on the quantity of dragées to be coated in one batch.

CAPOL® glazing agents are ready-to-use, i.e. can be immediately put to use in production. The water-based solutions are based on a clever combination of gum arabic and starch, or a combination of both shine-enhancing components. To achieve a perfect result, however, you need not only the right product, but also knowledge of how to use it. We are your application expert for glazing agents with the know-how to check and perfectly set up all the necessary parameters for glazing.

Having problems glazing your chocolate products? Is the glaze not developing the way you want or are there flaws in the result? We offer support and work with you to resolve the problem, either on site or in a direct phone call with our application technicians. Our technicians are experts in the surface treatment of dragées and will examine the whole production process with you in order to optimize it for the perfect finish.

Label-friendly glazing agents

Keeping it simple: our declaration-friendly glazing agents for chocolate dragées keep the ingredients list for your confectionery short and clear. How? They are based on ingredients that are traditionally already found in chocolate products. They therefore meet end users’ increasing desire for more transparency and clearer product labeling.

Glazing agents without artificial preservatives

Due to their water content, chocolate glazing agents usually have an added preservative to ensure their quality throughout the product’s shelf life. Consumers are also increasingly wanting confectionery with no added artificial preservatives. The CAPOL® cocoa butter range of glazing agents gives your dragées an outstanding gloss without the addition of declarable preservatives, with a comparable shelf life to traditional glazing agents.