Anti-sticking agents

Our CAPOL® anti-sticking agents prevent gum products from sticking together and ensure an attractive appearance. We offer products for application on gelatine, pectin or starch-based gums, as well as for jellies.

Anti-sticking agents

Separation and protection for gums & jellies

CAPOL® anti-sticking agents add the finishing touch to gum products. An extremely thin protective layer prevents gum and jelly products from sticking together while also giving them an attractive gloss. Soft products are protected from drying out prematurely. Our anti-sticking agents ensure high stability and are extremely economical to use.

With 40 years’ experience of surface treatment of confectionery, we know that every product and every production process has its own specific requirements. Thanks to our wide-ranging portfolio and the expertise of our application consultants, we are well placed to meet these requirements. Our CAPOL® anti-sticking agents offer you a made-to-measure solution, from vegetarian and vegan to kosher or halal certified.

Our anti-sticking agents are based on a mixture of oils and waxes. Using high-quality MCT oils, we achieve high stability and a long shelf life. With the correct proportion and mixing ratio of suitable waxes such as carnauba and beeswax, we can recommend the right product to meet your needs—from starch and gelatine-based gums to jellies. All our CAPOL® anti-sticking agents are neutral in taste and subject to constant checks by our quality assurance team.

Looking for an anti-sticking agent with particularly high stability? Want to achieve an exceptionally beautiful gloss? Are anti-sticking properties top priority? Our application technicians will work with you to find the right solution and optimize your production process. We offer anti-sticking agents for use in oil drums, which can be applied drop-by-drop using a spraying device or dosing pump. CAPOL® anti-sticking agents are also suitable for manual application in conventional coating pans.

We have a wide variety of tried-and-tested formulations to suit every taste and palate. Organic BIO and NOP certified products are also available. Our anti-sticking agents can be flavored as required.

Anti-sticking agents with sunflower power

Looking for innovation? With our CAPOL® anti-sticking agents based on sunflower oil, we offer an alternative to classic anti-sticking agents based on MCT oil. High-oleic sunflower oil is readily available and expands the range of oils used. A specially tailor-made antioxidation system guarantees lasting stability and impressive sensory appeal while retaining anti-sticking and gloss properties.

Certified as sustainable

CAPOL is a member of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). The Roundtable defines a range of environmental and social standards which members must fulfil in order to offer palm oil that is certified as sustainable. The application of these criteria helps to minimize the negative effects of palm oil cultivation on the environment and local communities. The volume of palm oil in our mass balanced certified products reflects an equivalent volume of palm oil or palm kernel oil produced by RSPO- certified mills and plantations.


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3D and functional gummies & jellies

Looking to produce 3D gummies or jellies? We provide you the suitable release agent for your 3D molds. Our experience with anti-sticking agents in starch-free depositing systems will also help you create perfect functional gummies. Ask us about fortified gummies or starchless production and get ready for your starch-free 2D and 3D depositing.