CAPOL has stood for world-leading products in the confectionery surface treatment sector for 45 years. We are your application expert for glazing, sealing and anti-sticking agents in the confectionery industry.


Who we are and what we do

Founded in 1975, today CAPOL plays a leading role for coatings in the confectionery industry. From glazing, anti-sticking, sealing and precoating agents through coated acids to machine release agents, the company provides highly innovative and efficient solutions for the finishing of confectionery, based on proven formulations and in-depth process know-how. With its patented VIVAPIGMENTS® technology, CAPOL offers added value in the form of natural color solutions that meet the specific challenges of its confectionery clients’ applications. Brand names like CAPOL®, CAPOLAN®, CAPOLEX® and FIX GUM® have made a worldwide name for themselves in the industry, for everything from sugar dragées and chocolate to gum products.

Our mission is to help our customers offer the most brilliant, most flawless confectionery on the market. We are driven by our passion for the confectionery industry, based on our portfolio of high-quality and innovative products and our in-depth process know-how. We believe that service is what makes the difference. That’s why we offer our customers comprehensive technical advice on using our products―and more besides. For this, we can draw on our knowledge of confectionery production processes and product formulations gained over many years.

The CAPOL Group has over 250 made-to-measure products in its range which it distributes via various sales channels in over 100 countries worldwide. The head office is Capol GmbH in Elmshorn in Germany. The surface specialist is also represented with its own subsidiaries in the UK, USA and Canada. CAPOL has a workforce of around 110 worldwide, over 70 of whom are in Elmshorn.

We are a member of the NCA, National Confectioners Association, and the globally renowned training institute ZDS, Zentralfachschule der Deutschen Süßwarenwirtschaft e.V.


1975 Capol GmbH founded as Kaul KG. The CAPOL brand name is formed later from the name Kaul and the English word "polish".

1975 Market launch of CAPOL® 254N, the first ready-to-use chocolate glazing agent that can be applied directly by the confectionery manufacturer without additional preparation steps.

1980s CAPOL establishes a global distribution network to meet the steadily growing demand for finishing products in Asia and the USA.

1993 CAPOL founds Capol (UK) Limited, a sales company in the UK.

2006/2007 Even before the trend really takes off, CAPOL obtains certification to distribute organic BIO certified products, and a year later NOP products.

2009 Kaul GmbH changes its name to Capol GmbH.

2012 CAPOL takes over the US distribution business and founds CAPOL LLC in Chicago, USA.

2013 CAPOL becomes part of the Freudenberg Group, a global technology company with technically leading products in around 40 market segments.

2013 CAPOL becomes the first manufacturer in the industry to use certified sustainable raw materials and offer its customers RSPO-certified products.

2017 CAPOL Inc. in Montreal, Canada, becomes part of the CAPOL Group. CAPOL adds to its portfolio natural color pigments with unique properties, produced with a patented technology.