Dipping bath solutions

For extruded licorice or fruit strings, CAPOL® dipping baths provide an appealing shine and optimum anti-sticking properties. The anti-sticking agent coats the product surface with an extremely thin layer.

Dipping bath solutions

Anti-sticking and shine

Our dipping bath solutions for extruded licorice products and fruit strings ensure gloss, protection and anti-sticking. The vegetable oils and/or fats they contain ensure that the strings retain their properties and have an attractive gloss. Waxes or emulsifiers enhance the anti-sticking effect as well as the shine. The ingredients are dissolved in pure alcohol or isopropanol for easy direct application. These liquid dipping baths are convenient and ready for immediate use. Alternatively, we also offer dipping baths that are supplied by us in solid form and can be liquefied to the required degree of dilution prior to use. For extra shine and protection of your extruded products, we also offer dipping baths with shellac.

CAPOL® dipping bath applications are suitable for all types of licorice and fruit gum strings and ribbons and can be used either as a classic bath or in spraying devices.

We also offer dipping baths that meet the dietary requirements for kosher or halal products, as well as vegetarian and vegan solutions.