We take our corporate and social responsibilities seriously. As part of the German global technology company Freudenberg, we are bound to its values and principles as much as to our own long-term commitment to responsible business processes.


Acting responsibly

Our brand names have made a worldwide name for themselves in the industry, for everything from sugar dragées and chocolate to gum products and other confectionery. Our customers have high expectations of us, therefore, to always offer solutions that not only provide economic benefits, but also fulfill our corporate responsibilities.

Our sustainability concept is based on the sustainability strategy of our parent company, the Freudenberg Group. The group defines sustainability as part of its corporate culture with its values and principles, as well as the relevant economic and social environment, including the value-added chain.

In our direct sphere of influence, we recognize the needs of all relevant interest groups such as employees, shareholders, customers, society as a whole etc. At the heart of this are the values and principles of Freudenberg: added value for customers, innovation, leadership, people, long-term orientation and, as a core theme for more sustainability: responsibility.

Our goal is to minimize the possible negative effects of our actions. We define these as our “footprint”, i.e. the direct effects of our business activities on the environment and society. A further goal is to help our customers and users also act sustainably. We help you to produce more efficiently and reduce negative effects on the environment. We call this a “handprint”.

The challenge for us as a supplier to customers in the food industry is to offer customized, sustainable solutions while also ensuring that the sensory appeal and functional properties of our products meet the highest quality standards. For example, we are already offering products containing palm oil that is certified as sustainable (RSPO), and are instrumental in ensuring fair working conditions for carnauba wax production and maintaining biodiversity in the regions where it is cultivated as part of the Initiative for Responsible Carnauba supported by the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit” (GIZ).

In our Sustainability Report, we provide an overview of our corporate responsibility activities and the resulting initiatives for more sustainability.