Sealing Agents

Comprehensive protection for centers

Some centers require pretreatment before sugar coating – called sealing. They are coated with a thin layer, which forms a barrier. This prevents sticking together, in particular for sticky centers, like dried pieces of fruit, and improves flowability in the subsequent sugar coating process.

  • Fat barrier: Nuts are often processed to make dragées, either with chocolate, sugar or sugar-free coating. In time, nut oils will be released from the coating and become visible on the surface. FIX GUM® sealing agents create an effective barrier against this migration of fat.
  • Moisture barrier: If fruit pieces are used as center for example, FIX GUM® sealing agents provide protection in two ways. On the one hand, the surface of the fruit is protected against drying out; on the other hand, no water can penetrate the center, for example during the sugar coating process.
  • Stability: Sticky centers can be separated through coating with FIX GUM®, which significantly facilitates sugar or chocolate coating. The improved rolling off largely prevents clumping. In addition, flexible centers, like for example raisins, achieve more stability with FIX GUM®.
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