Machine Release Agents

Sustainable protection for machines

Our CAPOLEX® range comprises different textures, from very liquid and sprayable to pasty and very firm. Different derivatives based on palm kernel, rapeseed, sunflower or paraffin oil have respectively specific properties, which, in combination with for example lecithin, optimize the separating effect for improved surface wetting.

They are used wherever products, like for example hard and soft caramels, have an extremely sticky surface, and the sticking of sugar mass to machine components is to be prevented. Furthermore, they enable trouble-free production processes and protect the stressed machine parts against corrosion and wear.

Depending on which machines are used, our solutions can be spread on, sprayed on or applied via a dripping device. CAPOLEX® release wax is suited to the application on various machines: cooling and transport conveyors, cooling rolls, cooling and heat tables, embossing machines, blades and cutting devices, extrusion molders, extrusion presses, candy cooker systems.

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