How a candy manufacturer improved their product appeal with CAPOL®

CAPOL’s mission is to manufacture and supply best-in-class surface treatment products. Yet, we don’t limit ourselves to this commitment but see ourselves as a partner to the confectionery industry, always ready to help manufacturers achieve better results with their surface treatment. And this added service is precisely what makes CAPOL so special: We do more than just deliver a great product.

How a candy manufacturer improved their product appeal with CAPOL®

CAPOL® is more than its products

At CAPOL, we’re more than willing to support candy manufacturers in bringing about the most brilliant and flawless confectionery. This is achieved thanks to expertise around ingredients and the manufacturing of candy combined with our readiness to find effective and efficient product solutions for each manufacturer’s applications.

What’s more, we’re always prepared to send our application engineers anywhere around the globe to advise clients from the confectionery industry, both in person and online. This can include helping a company get a new confections line with new machinery up and running, optimizing product formulas and even improving production processes. CAPOL stands by our clients to provide support from initial formulations to delivering its innovative, world-renowned glazing, sealing and anti-sticking agents. So that candy manufacturers the world over can continue making true on their promise of creating magical moments for sweet tooths.

How we helped a sugar dragée manufacturer solve a cracking issue

We recently worked with a notable Asian company on an issue they had encountered with the finishing of their confectionery products. Offering an extensive range of candy, which includes sugar-coated lentils with a chocolate core, this company’s multi-colored sugar dragées are exported to multiple countries and brought to market via retail stores. Having a shiny and attractive appeal is, of course, paramount, as this is a critical success factor for standing out on the shelf. Consumers expect their chocolate dragées to be colorful and shiny and to offer a mouthful of joy every time.

That pleasure would be spoiled if, instead of being smooth and shiny, the dragées were warped and cracked. For the Asian confectionery manufacturer, this was the unfortunate scenario they faced – and that’s where our CAPOL® success story began: One of our Application Technologists visited the manufacturer at their site and helped them solve the cracking issues, improving the product’s appeal for optimal market success. While they were at it, our engineers were also able to provide expertise around process improvements and applying the right product solutions for surface finishing. Partnering with the manufacturer, together we made a delicious product become a deliciously perfect product.

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