Starch-free gummy production

Starch-free gummy manufacturing lines are particularly popular in the production of gummies and jellies with functional ingredients as they meet the necessarily stringent hygienic production requirements. Instead of starch trays - typical in a regular mogul plant - starchless production makes use of stable molds for depositing. Anti-sticking agents play an important role in providing residue-free demolding and a glossy product finish.

Starch-free gummy production

Gummy manufacturing in a mogul plant

Classic mogul technology is the most common process in the industrial manufacturing of gummies and jellies. A hot jelly mass is deposited into mogul starch, which serves as a mold to form the sweets into the desired shape. The sugar mass is then stored in the starch forms for cooling while the starch helps to dehumidify the product and start the crystallization process. After demolding, gums and jellies must have any starch residue cleaned off before they get their finish in an oiling drum. An anti-sticking agent is what helps to give them their pleasantly glossy appearance and ensures that they will neither stick together in further processing, nor once packaged.

Limitations to functional gummy manufacturing

The starch used in a mogul process is typically heated, dried and re-used for depositing another charge of jellies or gummies. Since the mogul starch takes the humidity from the gummies, other substances may potentially migrate with the water into the starch powder during storage. Cross-contamination, therefore, cannot be completely ruled out if the powder is re-used. This is particularly important to consider in the production of gums or jellies with functional ingredients, such as vitamins, supplements or even products that are produced for OTC medicine purposes. Particularly stringent hygienic standards prescribe that any cross-contamination must be avoided. For this reason, many manufacturers producing functional gummies or medicated gummies are turning to starch-free gummy production systems.

Starchless depositing

Starch-free molding is the technology of choice for manufacturers who produce gummies enriched by functional ingredients. This can range from vitamins or minerals to any other natural extracts or supplements that are added for purposes of health or wellbeing. The starch-free gummy and jelly production line replaces the use of starch trays by solid molds with predefined shapes. Various solutions have made their way to the market, such as silicone trays, metal trays or polycarbonate molds. The heated jelly mass can be directly deposited into these molds. To be able to ensure a smooth demolding process of the gums and jellies, the molds need to be sprayed with an anti-sticking or release agent. This ensures an easy release from the forms, without any residue or damage to the product. Since the back of the gums tends not to be oiled so as to achieve a nice glossy finish, gums and jellies generally go into an oiling drum as a final step. This treatment with waxing oil or an anti-sticking agent ensures that the product is evenly and smoothly covered so it is visually appealing and easy to handle and package.

Effortless demolding in starchless depositing systems

  • Silicone, polycarbonate or metal molds need to be sprayed with a release or anti-sticking agent
  • Dosage is dependent on cavity shape and size
  • Viscosity needs to suit the spraying device
  • Oiling with an anti-sticking agent in an oiling drum to finish the gums or jellies 

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