CAPOL Food and Beverage

We provide our customers with turnkey solutions for a wide array of food and beverage applications – by bringing our longstanding expertise together with renewable, carefully selected raw materials.

CAPOL Food and Beverage

45 years of expertise for the food and beverage industry

Food safety and quality with healthy options and sustainable manufacturing – this is what today’s consumers expect from their food and beverages. And it’s also exactly where CAPOL comes in as a leading expert in the fields of surface treatment, edible coatings and natural color pigments.

By creating added-value product solutions based on natural ingredients, we help the food and beverage industry to take a natural and sustainable approach to food design, food processing and food packaging.

Industries and applications: Confectionery, chocolate and compound, bakery, cereals, snacks, fruit, dairy, protein shakes, ice cream, desserts, fillings, supplements, spice mixes, instant food and drinks, meat, cheese, vegan meat/fish/cheese alternatives, beverages and more

Anti-sticking solutions and release agents

Edible release agents based on natural formulations for an effective and lasting separating effect. Prevent food from sticking to machine parts during manufacturing and transport. Keep food products separate from each other.

Coatings, glazings and sealings

Edible coatings with a protective character. Prevent food products from drying out prematurely. Help to maintain texture throughout products’ shelf-life. Increase visual appeal.

Natural colors

Natural plant-based color pigments. High color intensity, superior opacity and high dispersibility in fat-based applications thanks to a unique patented manufacturing technology.



Your partner worldwide

The CAPOL Group has over 250 customized products in its range and distributes them via various sales channels in over 100 countries worldwide. The head office, Capol GmbH, is based in Germany. The company is also represented with its own subsidiaries in the UK, the US and Canada, and operates production sites in Northern Germany (Elmshorn) and outside Montreal, Canada. The Group has an overall workforce of 100 people worldwide.

Since 2013, CAPOL has been part of Freudenberg Chemical Specialities, Munich, a business group of the German multi-technology company, Freudenberg (Weinheim). As a strong brand in the international network of Freudenberg companies, CAPOL also teams up with other companies from the Freudenberg Group to create innovations for the success of our customers. We take our corporate and social responsibilities seriously and are bound as much by the Group’s values and principles as by our own long-term commitment to responsible business processes.

Safe products with consistent quality

Our top priority is the quality and safety of our products. At the very heart of our development and production, these are reflected in our quality management system as well as in our extensive process and product certifications.

Coated acids

Organic acids coated with a non-reactive fat layer which prevents unwanted chemical interactions. Create fine sour and long-lasting flavor profiles.

Natural flavors

Sweet flavors create fruity, exotic and other profiles. Customized developments.


Pre-coating system based on natural ingredients. Stabilizes and keeps inclusions separate for further treatment. Prevents inclusions from interacting with outer layers, and ingredients from migrating.