Harmonization of CAPOL e-mail addresses

One international CAPOL Group – one common email domain!

We are harmonizing all personal CAPOL e-mail addresses as of June 7, 2023.

Please note that the mail address of your personal CAPOL contact will change to the ending ‘@capol-group.com’ as of this date.

The changeover applies to all companies, i.e. Capol GmbH, CAPOL Inc. and CAPOL LLC as well as Capol Uk Ltd. The change refers to personal e-mail addresses only. Functional e-mail addresses (e.g. info@capol.de) are not impacted by this migration. No other contact data is affected by this change.

If you send messages to the old e-mail addresses after the change, they will still be forwarded to the recipient. Your mailing will be delivered to us in any case! Starting June 7, 2023, replies and all other e-mail messages from your CAPOL contact will then display the new "@capol-group.com" sender addresses.

If you have any questions as we approach the changeover, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your CAPOL representative.