Sugar Dragées

Perfectly polished and color brilliance

Vermicelli, Nonpareils or Jelly Beans: Hard and soft coated dragées are among the most popular confectionery products. CAPOL® polishing agents provide all these dragées with an attractive, shining appearance. The color brilliance and depth is visibly enhanced. At the same time, following treatment the dragées are more resistant to environmental influences like higher air moisture or temperatures.

The portfolio includes different combinations of micronized wax, glazing agents on shellac and cellulose basis as well as all-in-one wax dispersions and pastes. The use of carnauba and beeswax combines the benefits of the individual components and ensures stability even under difficult climatic conditions.

CAPOL® powder wax is added to the rotating glazing pans and glazing systems by hand or by means of a dosing device and is polished onto the dragées. With the intelligent combination of ingredients, the process times for the individual work steps can be reduced.


Improved shelf life & protection


CAPOL® glazes form a perfect coating whenever confectionery must be protected from drying out. At the same time they prevent the excellent effect of CAPOL® polishes to be affected by high air moisture. By using CAPOLAN® products, i.e. fat-encased, organic and non-organic raw materials, such undesirable chemical reactions can be prevented. Preservability is also significantly increased.

Polishing Agents

Increased stability & flowability

Sugar Dragées

With our dispersions of sophisticated wax combinations, our products generate shine and improve flowability. A higher proportion of carnauba wax achieves a higher stability for the end product, beeswax makes the shine more luscious.

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