Sealing Agents

Effective protection for centers

FIX GUM® is available as a liquid (FIX GUM® A) and a powder (FIX GUM® B). The FIX GUM® system is used for sealing nuts, raisins, dried pieces of fruit and licorice sticks as well as gum and jelly products. Our sealing agents are ready to use, can be easily applied and impress with short drying times, so that the centers can be further processed quickly. Application occurs in coating pans of conventional design or in coating systems, either by manual addition or by using a dosing device.

  • For the production of sugar-free confectionery, the sugar in FIX GUM® can be replaced by different polyols.
  • For diabetic confectionery, the different FIX GUM® products are produced based on gum arabic, which replaces the starch.
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