Top quality, top effect

CAPOL has been a successful market player for more than 40 years now. This has made the company the worldwide market leader for the coating of confectionery today. Our products and brands are characterized by ensuring extremely high stability and effectiveness, being highly economical in their use and easy to apply. Furthermore, they are 100 percent neutral in taste, but can be flavored if required. In order to meet the high demands of the food industry, our production is subject to an extremely stringent quality control. In line with national and international legal provisions for foodstuff, numerous products can be supplied with a kosher and/or halal certificate if required.

CAPOL® protects the positive brilliance

CAPOL® polishes not only function as brighteners, but also have a decisive influence on how the initial taste sensation develops. With a certain combination of starch, gum arabic, sugar and other ingredients, we improve the resistance against stress during and after the production process.

CAPOL® anti-sticking agents are used for the coating of all kinds of confectionery, amongst others for gum confectionery on gelatine, pectin and starch basis, for wine gums, gum arabic pastilles as well as jelly products. The oiling with CAPOL® anti-sticking agents prevents gum products from sticking together and provides them with an attractive appearance. Our solutions are long-lasting, are economical in their use, easy to apply and can be optionally flavored. They are tasteless and are subject to our continuous quality control.

CAPOL® glazes form a perfect coating whenever confectionery must be protected from drying out. At the same time they prevent the excellent effect of CAPOL® polishes to be affected by high air moisture. By using CAPOLAN® products, i.e. fat-encased, organic and non-organic raw materials, such undesirable chemical reactions can be prevented. Shelf life is also significantly increased.

CAPOLEX® protects against sticking together

Those producing hard and soft caramels require one thing most of all – a product providing an optimum and long-term separating effect between the machine surface and the sticky sugar. This is because systems and machines are subject to high demands in the confectionery industry: On the one hand the high standards of the food industry are to be observed, on the other effective protection is the aim. This is precisely what we offer with our CAPOLEX solutions. They comprise different textures, from very liquid and sprayable to pasty and very firm. Different derivatives based on palm kernel, rapeseed, sunflower or paraffin oil have specific properties, which, in combination with for example lecithin, optimize the separating effect for improved surface wetting.

They are used wherever products, like for example hard and soft caramels, have an extremely sticky surface, and the sticking of sugar mass to machine components is to be prevented. Furthermore, they enable trouble-free production processes and protect the stressed machine parts against corrosion and wear.

Depending on which machines are used, our solutions can be spread on, sprayed on or applied via a dripping device. CAPOLEX® release agents are suited to the application on various machines: cooling and transport conveyors, cooling rolls, cooling and heat tables, embossing machines, blades and cutting devices, extrusion molders, extrusion presses, candy cooker systems.

CAPOLAN® protects against undesirable reactions

Use of the coated CAPOLAN® product range provides optimum protection against the reaction behavior of organic and non-organic raw materials. The protective coating with reaction-stable fats forms a natural moisture barrier and an increased moisture protection. The reactive ingredients, like for example acids, are thus safely locked away inside. Furthermore, dust formation is reduced, and there is no chemical reaction with other food ingredients. The CAPOLAN® products are usually mixed with sugar and applied in conventional or special machines for sprinkling.

FIX GUM® protects the centers

FIX GUM® is available as a liquid (FIX GUM® A) and a powder (FIX GUM® B). The FIX GUM® system is used for sealing nuts, raisins, dried pieces of fruit and licorice sticks as well as gum and jelly products. Our sealing agents are ready to use, can be easily applied and impress with short drying times, so that the centers can be further processed quickly. Application occurs in coating pans of conventional design or in coating systems, either by manual addition or by using a dosing device.

  • For the production of sugar-free confectionery, the sugar in FIX GUM® can be replaced by different polyols.
  • For diabetic confectionery, the different FIX GUM® products are produced based on gum arabic, which replaces the starch.

Special products: In addition to our standard range we also provide solutions that are tailored to specific requirements of our customers. Please get in touch with our application technologists!