CAPOL Added Value

We are committed to provide our customers products with gloss, an attractive appearance, shelf life and therefore the highest quality possible. At the same time production should be both efficient and effective in order to meet the customer and market requirements. To achieve this we can look back on over 40 years' experience in the confectionery industry.

Both proven recipes and in-depth know-how represent our core competencies. This is the ideal background to find a perfect premium solution for every demand – a flexibility that is appreciated by many of our customers.

About us

Founded in 1975, today CAPOL is the market leader for coatings in the confectionery industry. Whether it is polishes, anti-sticking agents, glazes, sealing agents, coated acids or machine release agents: Based on proven recipes and in-depth know-how, the company provides highly innovative and efficient solutions for the finishing of confectionery.

The CAPOL portfolio serves all applications of the confectionery industry requiring coating. In detail these are anti-sticking agents for gums and jellies, glazes and polishing agents for sugar dragées or chocolate-coated centers and hard or soft caramels as well as coated acids and sealing agents for example for nuts, raisins or dried fruit. You might already know our products under the names of Capol®, Capolan®, Capolex® and Fix Gum®.

Internationality Our subsidiaries

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