In 1975, CAPOL GmbH is founded under the name of Kaul KG. Later on, the brand CAPOL is created from the name Kaul and the English term for polish. As the first ready-to-use chocolate polishing agent that can be used directly at the confectionery producer without additional preparatory steps, CAPOL® 254N comes to the market in the 1970ies. The company builds a worldwide network of distributors in the following decade and is thus able to cover the growing demand for coating products in Asia and the USA. In the nineties, CAPOL establishes a subsidiary in the UK with CAPOL UK Ltd. In 2012, the company takes on the US distribution business and establishes CAPOL LLC based in Northbrook, Illinois. As the first manufacturer in the industry, CAPOL positions itself in 2013 with its Green Glaze range and increasingly invests in sustainably certified raw materials.

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