Gums and Jellies

Particularly sticky: Gelatine gums

In addition to gelatine, components of gelatine gums usually are sugar, glucose syrup and aromas as well as acidifiers and colorings. This is why they are highly prone to sticking together. Coating them with CAPOL® anti-sticking agents helps them prevent sticking together and sticking to the packaging. At the same time a perfect gloss is achieved.

Particularly hot production: Starch gums

Starch contains wheat, potato or cornstarch. In production this is broken up with high temperatures and overpressure. As starch is sensitive to moisture, CAPOL® anti-sticking agents cover the surface with a protective layer, preventing sticking.

Special extrusion: Licorice & fruit strings

Licorice is based on extracts from licorice root. In addition to this, there are many products based on fruity and aromatic starch extrudates. During production, the ingredients are processed to form a viscous mass. Pressed through an extruder this then produces licorice or fruit strings. CAPOL then comes into play in the following immersion bath: Our release agents finely coat the strings and provide an appealing shine and protection against sticking together.

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