Coated Acids

Adverse reactions excluded: Treatment of coated acids

Organic acids are popular ingredients when producing sour, sugar-coated gum products and extruded strings. However, they require special treatment, as in case of high air moisture, they can very easily react with the sugar on the surface. In order to prevent these reactions from occurring in the packaging, the organic acids must be covered with a special coating. The sour taste can then fully unfold in the mouth, and nowhere else.

Use of the CAPOLAN® product range provides optimum protection against the reaction behavior of organic and non-organic raw materials. The protective coating with reaction-stable fats forms a natural moisture barrier and an increased moisture protection. The reactive ingredients, like for example acids, are thus safely locked away inside. Furthermore, dust formation is reduced, and there is no chemical reaction with other food ingredients.

The CAPOLAN® products are usually mixed with sugar and applied in conventional or special machines for sprinkling.

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