Anti-sticking Agents

A lovely shine

Gelatine and wine gums are to look appealing to consumers, should not dry out and not stick to each other or the packaging. CAPOL® anti-sticking agents are the perfect solution for gum confectionery based on gelatine, pectin and starch, for wine gums, gum arabic pastilles as well as jelly products. Oiling with CAPOL® anti-sticking agents prevents gum products from sticking together and provides them with an appealing shine.

Our products are long-lasting, are economical in their use, easy to apply and can be optionally flavored. They are tasteless and are subject to our continuous quality control.

CAPOL® anti-sticking agents are used at room temperature, preferably by means of a dosing pump. Application is possible in oiling drums as well as conventional coating and glazing pans.

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