ProSweets and ISM 2022

Interested in news from CAPOL for this year’s ISM and ProSweets? Find out more about how CAPOL® solutions can help confectioners lead the way when it comes to meeting increasingly conscious consumer demands.

ProSweets and ISM 2022

Conscious consumer trends

Today’s consumers are paying more attention than ever to what is in their food. More and more, they’re opting for products they perceive to be beneficial for their own wellbeing and health - and for the environment, too. This development has gained even more momentum throughout the pandemic, which, for many, has been a wakeup call that’s encouraged people to take back control of their own health. Eating habits are on consumers’ radar now and they’re looking for products to help them pursue a lifestyle of “cleaner eating.”

To our customers, partners and industry friends


The ongoing pandemic is posing a variety of challenges for international events in the confectionery industry. In view of the high infection rates in Europe, it is with a heavy heart that we’ve decided to refrain from participating on-site at ProSweets 2022.

However, if you’re curious about what we have in store for this year’s show, we invite you to have a look at our event page and get in touch with our team.

We’re so looking forward to seeing all our industry friends in person again at the next show! For now, though, we still need to be patient—but the time will come! 

Seeking permissible indulgence

Though inherently associated with indulgence, the confectionery segment is also included when it comes to conscious consumer trends. Consumers are still seeking indulgent moments - they’re just looking for products that give them permission to do so. For the most part, ingredient labels and product claims are what count the most for them. For this reason, clean and transparent labeling has been an important topic over recent years and is set to remain a major endeavor with confectionery manufacturers going forward.


It’s all about the ingredients

There are multiple dimensions when it comes to cleaner labels. The actual term clean is hardly ever used in confectionery product claims. Instead, attributes such as organic or natural are used, with consumers looking for fewer and simple ingredients to no artificial ingredients. As a result, the list of demands can be long for a new product development or reformulation of gummies, jellies, chocolate or sugar confectionery. Whatever your confectionery activity, our full portfolio of CAPOL® solutions can help you achieve a perfect confectionery finish while also helping you to keep up with the growing demands of today’s mindful consumers.


Finishing solutions for your consumer markets

We can help you complete your product’s clean label checklist with our:

Your trusted partner

We know that for the success of your business tomorrow, it’s critical to have an ingredient supply you can trust today. Therefore, we commit to the highest standards in quality, sustainability and transparency.

Vegan and plant-based options

Products claimed plant-based or vegan tend to be very positively received by consumers, who consider them to be healthier and better for the planet. Expanded vegan offerings on the confectionery shelves drive the need for plant-based finishing solutions. An increasing number of requests for vegan surface treatment solutions is especially reported from – but not limited to - middle and western European countries. CAPOL gladly supports confectioners with a full range of plant-based anti-sticking, polishing and glazing solutions with no compromise on quality, taste or appearance of the finished product.


Plant power for extruded candy

Latest addition to our portfolio of vegan surface treatment agents: vegan dipping baths for extruded candy. 

  • 100% vegan ingredients
  • effective separation
  • intense shine
  • concentrate or ready-to-use
  • neutral in taste

Natural coloring for sweets and snacks

An appealing piece of candy has it all: taste, texture and looks. Bright, bold colors mean exciting confectionery products—like gummies, chocolate confections or sugar panned items. With consumers’ increased awareness of artificial ingredients, it’s important for food coloring to come from natural sources. Natural coloring has proven challenging to use, particularly in confectionery’s demanding manufacturing conditions, as it typically fails to achieve vibrant hues or retain a stable color intensity throughout its shelf life. New natural color solutions can now overcome these formulation challenges.


Bright natural colors

The VIVAPIGMENTS® encapsulation technology combines rice protein with natural extracts. Why is this so awesome? Watch our video to find out more.