Raw Materials

What confectionery needs: The best ingredients from around the world

With high competence, individually adapted procedures as well as the use of natural and renewable raw materials, we optimize shelf life, appeal and quality of different types of confectionery. All our products – from the glazes, polishes, anti-sticking and sealing agents to products for coated goods and our machine release agents – are based on proven recipes and only contain the best ingredients.

From the heart of Brazil: Carnauba wax

Carnauba wax (lat. Cera Carnauba) is extracted from the leaves of the carnauba tree, which grows in Brazil. The hardest known natural wax, carnauba wax is ideal as a coating and anti-sticking agent, and as a polishing agent in manufacturing dragées and gums.

Directly from the hive: Beeswax

Beeswax (lat. Cera Flava) is a natural wax with a yellowish tinge that is secreted by bees as they build their hives. Beeswax has a relatively low melting point, giving it a high degree of versatility as a raw material in the food industry. We mainly use beeswax as a polishing or anti-sticking agent in producing gum-type products based on gelatine or pectin, and for sugar-coated and sugar-free hard and soft dragées.

From the African acacia: Gum arabic

Gum arabic is based on the plant extract from African acacias. Preferred sources of gum arabic are Acacia senegal and Acacia seyal. The high level of sucrose in gum arabic makes it an ideal raw material for the coating of chocolate-coated centers, giving them a brilliant shine.

From India and Thailand: Shellac

Shellac is a natural resin which is mostly secreted by female insects of the Kerria lacca species living on trees in India and Thailand. Following the harvest, the raw material is refined into shellac in a gentle extraction process. This results in a raw material of food quality, which is suitable as a glaze for hard and soft dragées as well as chocolate dragées being refined with CAPOL® polishing agents. For specific customer requests which do not like to include shellac, CAPOL has developed some interesting alternatives.

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