Capol GmbH was founded under the name of Kaul GmbH in 1975; since then, we have been developing and manufacturing glazes and release agents for confectionery across the world. We market our brands under the CAPOL®, CAPOLAN®, CAPOLEX® and FIX GUM® brand names. We implement our innovative product developments using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.

Capol UK Ltd, our UK subsidiary based in Cheshire, serves our customers in the UK and Ireland.

CAPOL LLC, our new US office based in Chicago, serves the North American market (USA and Canada).

In more than fifty additional countries, we are represented by a network of agencies and distributors, who are manly involved in the food business.

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How we serve our customers

Our company's products have gained the confidence of confectionery manufacturers globally. Due to our many years of experience and activity in the global markets, we are in a position to provide customers with products that are optimised to their requirements.

Our profession: To give confectionery products a distinctive finish

Whether glazing, releasing or sealing confectionery, CAPOL® products have played an essential role in virtually every area of confectionery manufacturing and finishing for decades.

Perfect protection against sticking – Release agents for confectionery

CAPOL® release agents already provide ideal protection for confectionery against sticking during the production process. CAPOL® release agents also play a decisive role as coatings, as they protect the goods from moisture to prolong shelf life and enhance the appearance inside and outside the packaging.

Mouth-watering looks – Glazes for confectionery

One factor plays a decisive role in confectionery production – its mouth-watering look. CAPOL® glazes give you an ideal start. CAPOL® glazes not only put a shine on products, but they also have an impact on the product's texture in the mouth.

It's all about the perfect coating – Sealing confectionery

CAPOL® sealing agents provide the perfect coatings anywhere confectionery needs to be protected from drying out, while preventing increased humidity from affecting the finish created by CAPOL® glazes.

CAPOLAN® products – fat-coated organic and inorganic raw materials – prevent undesired chemical reactions from taking place, prolonging the product's shelf life.

How we develop and grow

Our food engineers are constantly optimising our standard products and developing new ones to meet the demands on quality our customers have come to expect from us and to satisfy current market and manufacturing trends and developments.

We grow with customer expectations – and we rise to new challenges every day.

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We look forward to hearing from you!

CAPOL® confectionery coatings – Putting a shine on confectionery

Excellent natural and regenerative raw materials